Cssrewrite assetic finishers

In the development environment, Symfony2 is smart enough to flush the cache when you change a file. Even if annotations are not natively supported by PHP, you use them extensively in Symfony2 as a convenient way to configure the framework behavior and keep the configuration next to the code.

Resource caching is managed by the Symfony2 built-in reverse proxy.

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Symfony uses a tool called Assetic which makes this almost painless: However, if you're not comfortable with Twig, you can always use PHP templates inside Symfony without any issues. There's a lot more to explore, but you should already see how Symfony2 makes it really easy to implement web sites better and faster.

How to Use Assetic for Asset Management

Twig is a flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP. Understanding the Fundamentals One of the main goals of a framework is to ensure Separation of Concerns4.

Symfony2 – Assetic – css font icons

First, tell Symfony to stop trying to process these files dynamically. The View 17 Escaping Variables Twig is configured to automatically escape all output by default. But thanks to bundles, everything in Symfony2 can be extended or replaced.

This is done from the template and is relative to the public document root: You can use either, except that there is a known issue that causes the cssrewrite filter to fail when using the AcmeFooBundle syntax for CSS Stylesheets. The cssrewrite filter dynamically changes the url so that things still work.

Instead of Twig, you can also use PHP for your templates. Extending the Controller base class is optional. See the note in the above section for details.

[Developer says] Using Assetic bundle in Symfony to manage your assets

The simplest possible controller might create the response by hand, based on the request: This is on purpose - letting Symfony generate these files dynamically in a production environment is just too slow. The filters are things that can be applied to these files before they are served to the browser.

That wasn't so hard, was it. So why is it called a bundle and not a plugin. PDF brought to you by generated on November 25, Chapter 2: If you have PHP 5.

I am using bower to manage many common assets and have run into cssrewrite assetic finishers issue. I am trying to use michaelferrisjr.com to have a rotating carousel and I'm running it all through Assetic to combine and minify assets.

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Jul 16,  · So did anyone ever get assetic to work with the cssrewirte filter? I can't get it to generate the correct paths for images and I could use some input. The Quick Tour for Symfony generated on November 25, What could be better to make up your own mind than to try out Symfony yourself?

Aside from a little time, it will cost you nothing. Follow me to see my speedruns/TAS work live on - michaelferrisjr.com 41 (42) checkboxes in one city trial match. The ending is purely aesthetic for this upload; the 42nd checkbox will be. Fixing CSS Paths with the cssrewrite Filter¶.

Since Assetic generates new URLs for your assets, any relative paths inside your CSS files will break. To fix this, make sure to use the cssrewrite filter with your stylesheets tag.

This parses your CSS files and corrects the paths internally to reflect the new location.

Cssrewrite assetic finishers
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